How To Learn to Love Your Chronic Illness

How Learning to Love Your Illness Can Make You a Better Person: An Interview with Ginevra Liptan, M.D.“It is here, it is part of me, it is part of how my nervous system interacts with the world and loving it has enabled me to sort of look at myself differently.”-Ginevra Liptan, M.D.Doctor Ginevra Liptan M.D. is a board-certified physician with fibromyalgia. She is one of the few specialists whose practice focuses solely on treating fibromyalgia, taking a holistic approach to care that combines western and alternative medicine. Today she’s on the show to tell her story and how learning to love her illness made her a better doctor and a better person.Visit: this episode we talk about:-Dr. Liptan’s experience with fibromyalgia in medical school-Treating herself as a science experiment in her chronic illness journey-The effect of technology on doctor/patient relationships-The importance of touch as part of healing and human connection-The importance of information gathering as a form of self-care -The need to allow doctors to be human-The problem with punitive self-talk and self-care -Self-care as self-compassion-Kindness if self-talk-The importance of language used in self-talk-The value of setting the bar low for oneself-The problem with New Year’s Resolutions-The problem with social media culture and how it shapes expectations-Coming to love one’s illness-How learning to love her illness made Dr. Liptan a better doctor-Fibromyalgia and depression-The power of laughterOther talking points-Coming out about chronic illness-Alternative medicine-Supplements-Journaling-Exercise-Sleep and sleep medications-New Year’s resolutions-TED talks-Brene Brown-Myofascial release-Tami Stackelhouse, Fibromyalgia coach-Medical school-Benefits of CBD-Challenges of traveling with fibromyalgia-Financial limitations in carePLEASE SUPPORT US ON Weekly Newsletter! Sign up here or here