About The Book

To The Girl Who Feels Broken 

The first book being published through our publishing platform is a book from our founder Abernethy James called To The Girl Who Feels Broken, will be a book of comfort to hold in your hands when the hardest days make you lose yourself a little.  A book for when you feel alone in your struggle.  A book of strength and of shared love from those who share your story of pain.

All letters and poems will be published as part of a collective, meaning your words will join a collection of individual letters written by many different women, gathered and published as one book.

What Are The Letters?

To The Girl Who Feels Broken is a book that invites women from around the world who want to share their experience with mental illness, chronic illness and struggles of identity and acceptance.  The aim of this book is to remove the idea that we are alone in the way we percieve ourselves, and allow us to embrace every emotion, feel understood and supported.

The goal of the book is to help those stuggling with feelings of self worth.  The letters and poems act as a message of hope, resilience, power and support.

The letters are a gift to others who are going through the same struggles, emotions and isolation as you – a gift to help those who need to hear your encouragement, your understanding and your story.

The Book:  Letters and poems that are accepted will be published as shortened versions on our website on our LETTERS page.  L:etters and poems will also be published in the print book To The Girl Who Feels Broken by Abernethy James coming out mid 2020.


There are some simple but important guidelines to writing your letter or poem for the book, and submissions need to follow these to be accepted:

  • No more than 1000 words
  • Start your letter or poem with ‘To the girl who feels’
  • Proof read for correct spelling and grammar
  • Written in English
  • Submit your work through the form below, do not email.
  • Written in the first person
  • Be supportive, gentle and encouraging
  • End the letter with ‘love from’ your first name or a pseudonym

Please note layout changes may be made to you work for editorial purposes such as spacing and paragraph alignment.

Joining The Project

The project comprises of 3 stages:

  1. Take your time to write your letter or poem.  This can an emotion and also therapuetic process – move slowly through your project to create your final piece.  Once your have submitted your work we can not accept any changes.  We strongly suggest that once you have finished, sit with your work for a few days  before submitting it and see if any changes or growth happens from what you have written.
  2. If your letter or poem is accepted to be published in the book you will be put onto our book newsletter which will keep you up to date with the publication details and release date.
  3. Your letter or poem will be abreviated/shortened for our digital letter pages and published on our website.  You can see an example here.  These images are a beautiful way to share your words through social media, your own blog or to read a digital copy of our book.

Your Submission

To be a part of the project simply submit your letter or poem to us by following the link below.