TIREDGIRL Ambassadors

While the advocacy our ambassadors undertake is as individual as they are, from sharing our message on social media, leading group discussions and organising meetups in their city, all of our ambassadors strive to achieve the same passionate goal – to bring together and support women living with chronic illness.

Our ambassadors are positive role models, open-hearted souls and believe in our mission to help women reconnect with themselves and celebrate courage and strength.  Do you have a passion for wanting to help others?  Our Ambassador program may be the perfect fit.


Our goal is to bring women from around the world together in a safe and supportive space to connect through our experiences living with chronic illness.  We celebrate our strength and continually strive to reduce the isolation and overwhelm that effects our mental wellbeing.  The TIREDGIRL Collective encourages open-hearted conversations.  We push forward the idea that we are more than our illness – that our passions, hobbies and goals are achievable by making them accessible to you in our local and online community.

The Role:

Community Leader

Often, people lead because it helps them grow and expand their lives.  As a community leader you can choose to participate in ways that energize you and help you grow, instead of leading in ways that drain you. You can choose to be involved in discussions that you care about, challenges that are fun, rewarding, or interesting. It’s up to you.

You Can Make Difference

Do you want to make a significant difference in someone’s life?  Our Community Leaders are a team of women passionate about helping others in a way that is accecssible and compassionate.  You can create or lead groups around condition, hobbies or lend your voice to the support forum to offer your experience and advice to others.  As a community leader, you can make a profound contribution.

How Does It Work?

On our community platform and app you can create and join groups, start conversations about topics or add videos or images to discuss on the news feed, create challenges, projects and pop onto the support forum to chat about conditions, mental health and connect with others.

The Role:

Meet-Up Organiser

Have you ever thought how wonderful it would be to be able to sit down with a group who truly understand what it is like living alongside a chronic illness?  To have a place to come together to share and connect, learn, grow and just be yourself in a safe and supprtive group?  Have you ever thought how fun it would be to organise meet-ups?

Build Life Long Friendships

Your meetup can be anything from a short catch up in a quiet coffee shop, a reading circle in a library, organising to go to a wellness pop-up event together or bringing in a special guest speaker to talk to your group.  Whatever your ideas are – we can help you make it happen!

How Does It Work?

Our community and app work just like facebook, where you can create your group, publish and advertise your events including gathering RSVPs and all the details such as location, time, information and a chat section to discuss the event with your group.  The event attendees can even post photos and videos to your groups photo albums!