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  • Intestinally speaking
    A group for us spoonies with illnesses affecting our gut/digestion/bowels/liver/stomach and so on. A space for support, discussions and shared experiences regarding those kinds of issues ❤️
  • Killer Reads
    For those of you who enjoy reading crime + thriller genre books! 
  • PMDD People
    A place for PMDD sufferers to support one another, for love and listening to all who need it. Not all menstruators are women, so let's keep language inclusive to support all sisters, not just ciste...

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  • Chronically In Isolation
    The COVID 19 outbreak of 2020. How is everyone doing?  How are you y'all feeling about it?  To be honest, Im feeling relief. Click the link below to read why!

Weekly Topics

  • Let's talk about grieving our old life - and why it is OK to do so.
    Grieving can be something we experience when living with a chronic illness that affects our mental and physical abilities.  We can lose not just our current lifestyle like work, school, family time...
  • What does self care mean to you?
    Everyone has a different way to approach self care, from a warm bath to a pizza and netflix.  Self care isn't one thing, its many and anything that connects you back to yourself.  Most importantly,...