To The Girl Who Feels Broken

a collection of letters and poems to every woman who has ever felt unworthy of her own love

The goal of the book is to help those struggling with feelings of self-worth. The letters and poems act as a message of hope, resilience, power, and support for every woman to know they are not alone.

To The Girl Who Feels Broken is a book by Abernethy James that invites women from around the world who want to share their experience with mental illness, chronic illness and struggles of identity.  The aim of this book is to remove the idea that we are alone in the way we percieve ourselves, and allow us to embrace every emotion, feel understood and supported.

The collection of letters and poems will be published in mid 2020.  Abby’s passion to support and empower women living with chronic illness and mental health will always be to centred around open-hearted conversations as a way to feel connection, acceptance and belonging – making our stories accessible to those who need to hear them.