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a collection of stories, essays, letters and poems celebrating the strength and resilience of women living with chronic illness and mental health.

5 Ways to Describe My Pain

A self-help guide to being in my body.   By Catherine Fairfield   A handy list for knowing what it’s like to be me. Yet, I don’t know how to describe my aches? Need a quick vocabulary to draw on in your everyday life.  Listen.  Read.   I give this fast-easy-creative-unexpected-exciting-trendy list to you.  Applicable…

Travel while chronically ill

By Casey O’Brien   Paradise, with one exception: our apartment is on the second floor, and right now, I don’t think I can get up the stairs. It is the second week of my three-week backpacking trip with my boyfriend; we are staying in downtown Granada, Spain.  Guitar music floats towards us from up the…