Mental health isn’t simply about what’s going on inside your head.  What’s happening outside your head is important too – from a cluttered bedroom to a poor lighting to the view from a window – it can all impact your well-being.

Physical environments directly impact our psychological health.  It’s easy to see why: we spend a lot of time thinking about what’s around us.  And all that external stimuli has an effect!

Jamie Wiebe



This is a workbook for you to print out, delve into and spend time really thinking about how you can enjoy your living space more.

Grab your pens, pencils, some magazines, scissors, and glue.

Relax and let yourself get creative and inspired to create your perfect space.

  • 30 pages for you to work through in your own time
  • Instant download and yours to print as many times as you like
  • Chapters Include – The Everything Tray, Let The Daylight In, A Simple Wardrobe, Bedside Storage, Easy Care House Plants, From Me To Me, Keepsake & Vision Board