Quilting Online Class

Learn to cut, piece, stitch and assemble a gorgeous, modern quilt by hand.

If sewing needles and sharp scissors are your weapons of choice, Libs Elliott is at your service. This teacher and designer is here to help you experience the joy of making a quilt by hand, with instruction that weaves together (quite literally) old-fashioned and modern techniques. What’s more, the girl knows how to have some serious fun with geometric shapes and colors.

Quilting is no small undertaking. But the time and thought that go into it, Libs says, make the finished product all the more the beautiful and personal. By purchasing this tutorial, you’re getting ground-up instruction and technique training, from general quilt knowledge and “anatomy,” to designing, cutting, and assembling a 4-foot square quilt. By the time you’re putting the finishing touches on this one, we bet you’ll already be planning the next.

Oh, by the way, once you purchase the class- your access never expires, and you can continue to access all your classes from the email link or from your Brit + Co Account page.


$19.00 USD