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your go-to guide for living well alongside chronic illness

Want to know our favourtie feel-good resources to help build your happiest and healthiest life at home?  Consider this your go-to guide for everything a tired girl needs.

Quick Disclosure: Some of our favourite resources that we recommend to you are affiliate links which means when you click to purchase something on this page we may receive a small commission.  This helps us fund our app and continue to support our community.  

Brit + Co

Online creative courses

We fell in love with the girls at Brit + Co a few years ago, after looking for accessible, affordable online classes to learn new skills and do fun new projects at home.  Their online classes are fun, beautifully filmed, super easy to follow and medicine for the soul if you want to get crafty or even start your own etsy shop selling what you make.  Their classes start at $9, and celebrate everyday women who want to do more of what they love, in their own time.

Avocado Mattress

$200 off your new mattress + free shipping

We spend a lot of time in bed so we care a great deal about the materials that we sleep on.  Avocado Mattresses are certified non-toxic and include 100% natural latex from tree-tapped and sustainable sources, 100% organic certified wool and 100% organic certified cotton that are all ethically sourced.


Get up to 50% off

Cratejoy is one of our favourite TIREDGIRL resources with 100’s of subscription boxes to choose from and a super simple way to subscribe, explore and connect with the sellers.  When you subscribe to a box, it’s sent to your door each month all over the world.  You can see some of the best mental health subscription boxes here.

Knit Picks

15% off your first order

Knit Picks makes it easy to do more of what you love by delivering all the tools to your door.   They have everything you need to create beautiful things with the biggest selection of yarns, needles, hooks, tools, patterns, tutorials and books.

Blessing Manifesting

Mental health + self care printables

Dominee designs beautiful, inspiring printables to support our everyday mental health in a beautiful community where she shares he own story or anxiety & depresion.  Blessing Manifesting offers resources such as workbooks, planners, books, stickers and cards to help you feel your best.

Online Therapy

Get 20% off your first month

Online therapy is here for those of us who aren’t ready to, are not able to see a therapist in person and brings many valuable mental health resources into one platform.  This happiness-toolbox includes live chat, messenger and a weekly video or audio call with your dedicated therapist as well as worksheets, yoga classes, an online journal, activity plan and tracker all from your phone, tablet or laptop anywhere the world.

Highly Sensitive Person Course

Save $150 with code TIREDGIRL

Last year I learned that i was a highly sensitive person, and it changed everything.  I had an explanation and new understanding of how i was feeling, and it was completely empowering.  I have teamed up with Julie Bjelland to help other highly sensitive people with her courses and books.  In Julie’s online course: Brain-Training For The Highly Sensitive Person, Techniques To Reduce Anxiety & Overwhelming, she helps you understand and reduce your struggles such as:  how to feel a feeling without it overwhelming you; freeing yourself from intense, out-of-control overload; feeling more in control and how to respond instead of react to emotional experiences; your self-esteem and self-worth; sleep, self-compassion and the ability to set healthy boundaries without guilt.

What we're reading this month

Heal Your Gut

Get 10% with code TIREDGIRL

Heal Your Gut nutritionist Lee Holmes is one of our favourite health coaches and wrote a popular article in our first issue of the TIREDGIRL MAGAZINE in 2018.  After her own experience with autoimmune disease, Lee created ‘heal your gut’ focused books, programs and products.  In her program you’ll be provided with step by step guidance on how to bring your gut flora into balance with food to achieve optimum and enduring health including access to a panel of experts, videos, 24/7 support to answer your questions, weekly emails along with recipes and meals plans which are nourishing, tasty, simple to make and easily digestible.

Autoimmune Strong

7 day free trial

Finally, a fitness program for people who live with autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia and chronic pain.  Andrea provides and amazing online program composed of a progressive exercise series with short instructional & practice videos.  The program starts with gentle movements, designed to adapt the body’s system to exercise while building fundamental strength and flexibility.  These exercises teach the body how to move properly during everyday activities like climbing stairs and carrying groceries, all while staying safe from pain and flare-up.  You will build strength gently, from the comfort of your own home.

Low Tox & Chemical Free Life

How To Navigate Chronic Inflammation

This is an online course to help educate, understand and support our girls with chronic pain and other inflammatory symptoms that affect your brain, heart, joints or muscles.  With a range of experts such as Dr Terry Wahls, this course gives you life-time access to empower your own health at home, including topics such as gut health, trauma, environmental toxins, food, recipes, supplements and detoxing to help reduce inflamation.

Abby's top feel-goods


Start your 30 day free trial + get 3 free books

I love Audible!  It enables me to enjoy books again when pain, brainfog and fatigue where stopping me hold, concentrate and focus on reading most days.  I now lay in bed, headphones on and rest as I get to choose a new book, exclusive podcasts, free audio programs on wellness and mental health plus a surprise free book every month which is always fun to look forward to.  If you struggle or miss reading books, Audible might just be your answer to be able to enjoy it as part of your life again.

The 5 Minute Journal

Share Abby’s favourite morning routine

The 5 minute journal is the simplest thing you can do to start your day happier.  I started using this journal in 2019 after reading about the mental health benefits of starting the day with gratitude.  This journal encourages you to start your day with only a few lines of writing including space for “I am grateful for…”  “What would make today great…”  Daily affirmations. I am…” as well as a space for bedtime thoughts like “3 amazing things that happened today…” and “how could i have made today better…”.  With only a few lines for each prompt, it’s a nice gentle and calm way to approach this practice.  This gorgeous journal is based on positive psychology research that helps you appreciate the little things in life.  It’s super gentle and zero-pressure approach is exactly what I love about it

Magazine Subscriptions

Your favourite Magazines delivered to your door

It’s no suprise that I LOVE magazines, having published two of my own digital magazines in 2018 and now bringing our own print magazine to life later this year.  There is something amazing about subscribing to your favourite magazine – looking forward to it arriving each month, being part of that community and focusing on doing something kind for yourself.  Magazines open up a world of creativity and life, just like books.  They range from crafts, mindfulness, media, science, gardening, food, nature, interior design and many more and are delivered worldwide.  My favourites?  Project Calm and Love Embroidery Magazine.


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Mantrabands are simple, elegant bracelets designed to wear for daily inspiration; promoting a lifestyle of gentle optimism, positivity, and mindfulness.  These gorgeous bangles are engraved with messages that we truly connect with as TIREDGIRLS and each bangle sold supports charities such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Breast Cancer.