The journal is a platform for authentic and creative story telling through essays, poetry and personal stories.  We publish work from women around the world who want to share their voice and help others through connection of lived experiences.  Writing is truly healing, it allows us to open up about topics and express pain that we can find hard to vocalise.

Somebody Needs Your Story

Amanda Viviers


What is an essay?  An essay is a piece of writing that discusses and explores partiucular topics and ideas.

We welcome essays on body image, disability, women’s health, society and culture, chronic illness, ableism, mental health, disassociation and related topics.


Throughout the year we publish print editions of The TIREDGIRL Journal. If your work is accepted onto our website, it will also be put forward to our print edition selection and we will then let you know via email if your work will be featured in our print publication.  This can be up to 3 months after your work is published on our digital platform.


You will be notified when:

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You can submit any number of essays to our site. The maximum word limit is 3000. The minimum words are 300. Please note, not all the submitted essays are guaranteed to be published. The editor reserves all rights on selection, as well as edits to the works themselves. This is a platform for authentic storytelling, open-hearted conversations, and celebration of women's strength. Please no soliciting or self-promotion. Your work will not be accepted for publishing if it includes self-promotion, affiliate links, medical advice, inappropriate language or bias of any kind. We prefer original writing, however, it is okay if this work was published on your own site or blog, just not elsewhere. Please note we give preference to work that is unique to The TIREDGIRL Collective. Author Bio: Please include the name you want featured in the publication. If you are on social, include your handle so we tag you in promotion of your work! Copyright Information: Please note, you will retain all ownership rights to the copyrights to your work. We only accept essays written by the author or copyright holder. By submitting an article to our site you are granting permission for its use on the website and be promoted through our social media channels and newsletter. In order to achieve a better page layout design, The TIREDGIRL Collective has the right to edit, format and change the layout of the essay. Payment: We do not pay for publishing submitted work. You will be awarded credit and publicity through our amazing platform. Perks: Your name, website, and social media links will be credited along with your submission. Having your work included on our website is a great way to gain exposure to new people and markets. Having your articles appear on our site can give you greater visibility, credibility as a writer as well as help you connect with thousands of women around the world within the chronic illness and women's health community