To the girl who feels she wants to be alone…

I know you.  I know you like the quiet.

At times I find my best self there, far away from people.

I used to feel like there was something wrong in feeling this way, so I started to whisper to myself… “maybe there isn’t” – quietly enough that i would not get excited by the idea.

You see, I am this soul that yearns to be alone.  Raised around pain, alone became my refuge.  By this story of my childhood, or by nature’s path, I became an introvert, an empath, and a deeply sensitive soul.

Often I need to go places where I can retreat into myself, undistracted by the emotions and demands of others both good and bad.

I run to where I am the only one creating.  Only my echos, my thoughts, and my decisions.  It restores me for the other part of my life… the one where I care for others and feel their feelings so deeply.  The one, a hasty life, where my heart swells, becomes heavy with love that I have surrounded myself with and leaves little room for my own thumping heartbeat that demands such attention.

So I spend this wonderful time alone.


To you, sweet girl, know that it’s good to go in different directions when you need to. To retreat. To find companionship in your own thoughts.

To feel only your own heart.  To choose the moments you wish to feel, and those that you don’t.


You, sweet girl, get to choose what fills you with life, and what part of your life needs to be filled.


Abernethy is a writer and mentor, and the founder of The TIREDGIRL Collective & The TIREDGIRL App.