By Yashodhara Pawar


To the girl who is afraid of being fearless,

Run run run

run till your feet go numb

run… so your heart finds a home.

Run to the sun,

catch the sun

eat it up,


Go… Be a glow-worm In the woods where the crickets creak.

Then run to the river,

dive in

swim in the rapids,


swim with the sharks,

with the star-fish

with the dolphins Swim!

Go lie in a bed of anemones,

get tangled up in sea-weeds play hide-and-seek in the forgotten ship-wrecks and forsaken debris.

Float-in with the tide on to the beach,

be lazy on the sand Lie in the sand till the sun goes down

and the moon begins to peek.

Run across the beach, run back home skip, do a back-flip!



Run till your heart runs out

run so your heart finds home

run so your heart builds its own home

run till you call the world your own.


with love, from the girl who learned to be foot-loose and fancy-free.


The past year has caused me a loss of relationships, my work, isolation, and loneliness and I often had to justify my illness to people who found it inconvenient at the best of times. I spent a lot of that time writing and musing.  This piece is the poem I wrote when I really wanted to run away, escape my situation but realized that I physically couldn’t.  Which got me wondering what I really missed and wanted to do again, once I got better.


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